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Accueil » News » Fundamentalist organisation Ordo Iuris announces start of its activity in Spain

Fundamentalist organisation Ordo Iuris announces start of its activity in Spain

The Polish Catholic fundamentalist organisation Ordo Iuris (OI), linked to the traditionalist sectarian network TFP (Tradition, Family, Property), recently announced the creation of a Spanish branch.

an international anti-rights offensive

               The expansion of this organisation is part of the internationalisation of the reactionary offensive against fundamental rights, primarily of women and LGBT+ people.

In its home country Poland, Ordo Iuris has exploited its close link with government politicians to push its fundamentalist agenda: a complete ban on abortion, repression of sexual and gender minorities, a ban on sex education in schools…

               Its establishment in Spain risks increasing the strong political polarisation and attacks from conservative circles against the Minister for Equality, who has presented a bill aiming, among other things, to facilitate access to abortion and to make sex education compulsory in schools.

               Meetings with leaders of Catholic universities confirm that OI is seeking to pursue its strategy of training executives, already attempted in Poland with the creation of a private university, and following the example of their North American allies. In the US, this strategy has led to the infiltration of ultra-conservative lawyers into the courts, up to the Supreme Court, threatening the right to abortion.

Alliance with far-right party

               Furthermore, Ordo Iuris confirms its proximity to the far right: the head of the Spanish branch of OI is an assistant in the assembly of the Murcia region of the political group of Vox, a morally authoritarian party advocating a confessional state based on “Christian values”.

This alliance between religious fundamentalists and the political far right is a danger to democracy and fundamental rights.

The European Secular Network calls for vigilance against the activities of these organisations, and to defend the separation of religions and public authorities as a guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms.