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Accueil » News » eUROPEAN pARLIAMENT: for the right to abortion in europe

eUROPEAN pARLIAMENT: for the right to abortion in europe

The European Secularist Network takes note of the election of Ms Roberta Metsola as President of the European Parliament.

The choice by the majority of MEPs of a President known for her principled opposition to sexual and reproductive rights sends a negative signal to European women, at a time when these rights are being undermined in several Member States of our Union under political pressure from religious fundamentalists. Sexual and reproductive health and rights are essential to the effective achievement of gender equality, a fundamental principle of the European Union. The European Secularist Network had called on democratic political groups to make a choice in line with their values.

However, the European Secular Network takes good note of Ms Metsola’s commitment to defend the official positions of the Parliament, including on the right to abortion.

We call on the European Parliament to continue its fight for equality and to oppose all regressions of fundamental rights.