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Freedom of conscience in Europe

The colloquium organised on 31 January 2021 by the French association Egale on freedom of conscience in Europe was an opportunity for fruitful exchanges on this issue, which is crucial for secularism.

The first roundtable brilliantly traced the history of freedom of conscience, mentioned certain threats to this freedom and the state of its judicial protection in Europe.

The second roundtable brought together speakers from several member associations of the European Secularist Network, who presented the history and current state of freedom of conscience in Belgium, Spain, Italy and Poland.

The speakers highlighted the progress made, but also the obstacles and even the serious threats to this fundamental freedom.

The texts of the presentations by Véronique de Keyser (CAL, Belgium), Pablo Toral (Europa Laica, Spain), Giulio Ercolessi (Italia Laica, Italy) and Bożena Przyłuska (Congress of Secularism, Poland) are available here: